7 Floors Haunted House Berea in Berea, Ohio - 7 Floors of *** Haunted House Scam

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This haunted house was the worst I have ever been to. The staff was rude and almost seemed drunk when i was trying to buy my tickets. When I was inside one of the haunts I got splinters in my hand and tripped down a dark hallway with an extension cord on the ground. This place wasn't just "bad" or a poor event. It was unsafe.

Also just to clear things up we drove 4 hours to get here because the name was "7 Floors of ***" and it wasn't even in a building nor was it 7 floors. It was 7 tents in a fairgrounds. BAIT AND SWITCH!

Between drunk employees, horrible haunted houses, unsafe environment and the fact it was $25 a person and for a family of 4 that is $100, don't attend this.

7 Floors of *** haunted houses in cleveland, ohio

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Columbus, Ohio, United States #791184

It is kind of off season though. It probably isn't in the budget to employ sober workers this time of year.

It's freakin March. They need to hire people who are willing to be paid in OE and King Cobras and who know next to nothing about electrical wiring.

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